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This is the support page for the Windows version of Q-emuLator (a Sinclair QL emulator).

Q-emuLator 3.5.1 for Windows now available!

June 6th, 2023. Version 3.5.1 of Q-emuLator for Windows has been released.

If you are still using version 2.x, consider upgrading to version 3 to get the following major new features:

  • Resizable main window.
  • Compatibility improvements.
  • Precise QL speed emulation.
  • Dot matrix printer emulation.
  • Mount .ZIP files as disks.
  • Use .QLPAK single-file QL software archives.
  • Smart full screen upscaling.
  • Access microdrive images and floppy images.
  • QL Sampled Sound System.
  • Improved TCP/IP driver.
  • Improved display emulation when running on Windows 7 or later.

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[ICON] Download Q-emuLator 3.5.1 for Windows! (2 MB)


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The QL startup screen in Q-emuLator.

Q-emuLator emulates the following QL hardware:

  • 68008 processor
  • keyboard
  • display (512x256x4, 256x256x8)
  • Q40/Q60 video card (512x256x65536, 1024x512x65536, 1024x768x65536)
  • Aurora video card (512x256x4, 1024x768x4, 512x480x256)
  • interrupts
  • file system (access to Windows files, QDOS floppy disks, QXL.WIN files, .ZIP and .QLPAK packages, microdrive and floppy images)
  • sound
  • QL Sampled Sound System
  • serial ports
  • parallel ports
  • dot matrix printer emulation
  • built-in ram disk
  • mouse support
  • joystick
  • TCP/IP driver
  • built-in machine code debugger
  • partial Gold Card emulation (to allow SMSQ/E to run)

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